Personal Power (The Pocket Version)

What is your Superpower?
Is it Courage and being outspoken?
A Courage that refuses to be broken?
Courage that’s like kryptonite and verboten.

The gift of courage is no small token.
It’s given by the One above,
to protect the meek,
and those in need of love.

Yes, courage and being outspoken,
is one of Eden’s,
most potent flowers.
Courage to be molded,
but never broken,
Courage is a Superpower.

But what about the strength it takes,
to be quiet?
Strength to avoid causing a riot.
Strength to not spread a lie,
Strength to discern what is fake,
and not buy it.
Strength to discern whether to be quiet,
versus being outspoken,
especially when quiet strength is needed,
for those who are heartbroken.
Quiet Strength is also a Superpower.

What about Discernment,
of which action to choose?
Right or wrong,
win or lose.
Discernment is always needed,
in the eleventh hour.
Discernment is a Superpower.

The quest for Truth,
and seeking it in the face of peril,
uncovering facts and seeking proof,
even if others threaten you,
or come across as cold and aloof.

Seeking truth,
at the cost of relationships,
that may sour.
Truth is a Superpower.

Love in Action,
given freely,
not just to a specific faction.
Love cast beyond the net,
of family and friends.
Love that allows for amends.
Love, love, love,
Love in action.
Blooming like a flower,
Love is the greatest Superpower.

Courage to be outspoken,
to be molded,
but never broken.
A quest for Truth,
Strength to be Quiet and,
Discernment of whether its
the real deal,
not just a mere token and,
Love in action.
These are Superpowers.

What has helped you,
in your finest hour?
What helped you,
to show up,
show out,
and not cower?

What keeps you in the saddle?
What makes you victorious in battle?
The Cape you choose matters.
What do you choose as your cover?
What is your Superpower?

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