Romancing the Seas: Take a cruise



I’m a fan of cruising especially on the Royal Caribbean cruise line. Loyal to the Royal is a term often used by people who have lots of loyalty points to prove it. Cruising around the world can be very romantic for those who want to take time to enjoy the company of a loved one in a relaxing environment surrounded by the beauty of the islands or in other romantic ports of call around the world, drink fine wine, and enjoy good food. The entertainment on a jazz cruise is often phenomenal.

Why Royal Caribbean you ask? I love their ports of call and their staff members are generally exemplary based on my personal experiences. I have had opportunities to come back to my cabin, to my shame, where my personal articles of clothing have been neatly folded after I scampered to get to dinner and a show on time. A note was also left to lock the safe after I left it wide open with my valuables inside. The food is good and plentiful and there are many nicely appointed


decks and nooks around the ship for quiet time and reading. My mother was the Queen of living a life in which she thought she could purchase anything if there was an affordable payment plan. Most cruise lines have arrangements with travel agents to establish a plan. Consider cruising in 2019.

I have not been paid to endorse RC or any other cruise line.


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