A Moore Affair

Bella Wahlberg is on top of the world. Surrounded by family in Scotland, she is finally marrying the man she loves—performer extraordinaire and music mogul, Miles “Ari” Moore. Unfortunately, with his ex, chaotic fans, and a series of tours thrown in, she soon wonders if she’s ready for everything that being the wife of a superstar entails.

From their wedding to a honeymoon in Paris to the beautiful streets of Italy, Bella learns that life with Miles and his stage persona are two different things. Happiness is sometimes overshadowed by doubt and outside forces that wish to tear them apart, but when she becomes pregnant months later, Bella couldn’t be more overjoyed.

Then life takes an interesting turn. Following a career triumph and a night of celebration, a house fire destroys Bella’s childhood home, and with it a closely-held secret unfolds. What happens when Miles discovers that not trusting Bella with his past has put their future in jeopardy?