Playing With Fire

The love story of Cade and Lecia continues in Act II. Playing with fire, the second installment in the Fire God Series that begins six years after the events in the first book, Act I. The Seed on Fire. Lecia and her young son, Miles, are accompanying Cade on his European tour with his band Fortune, but she’s tired of life on the road and being away from her loving extended family members. She decides to return with Miles to North Carolina despite the risk of danger from a possible encounter with Mario Rodriguez, the man who kidnapped Miles as an infant and who has continued to evade capture. Lecia discovers upon her return to the States that Miles, who has become driven by his blind passion to seek revenge against Mario, has a genetic condition that allows him to produce fire and must be protected from further dangers by a shadowy organization of operatives known as the Network. Lecia once loved Mario as a brother and is caught in the middle of a dilemma that could cost not only Mario, but Cade and Miles, their lives. Cade and Lecia also realize that they must keep Miles safe and maintain the secret of his paranormal powers from forces that have conspired to use his condition for evil while they also seek justice for their son’s kidnapping at birth.