Fire God Tour

Miles Aridio Moore, a hip-hop mogul who has climbed to the top of the music industry was born with a rare genetic mutation that gave him the power to produce the element fire. He lives life on his own terms, and as the internationally known artist “Ari, “ is about to embark on a widely anticipated world tour entitled The Fire God Tour. His fans think his ability to provide energetic, and electrifying performances is his superpower, but he has spent a lifetime hiding his true talent until he falls in love with Bella Wahlberg, a member of his executive team, and risks it all by telling her the secret of his destructive forces. She has her misgivings, but falls in love with Miles, one of LA’s most eligible bachelors, and while on tour in Scotland, he plans a romantic night of love on October 31st, the mystical, magical night of Samhain where legend says the souls of those who have passed on may communicate with those who still love and grieve them. Their night doesn’t go as planned but they both discover something valuable about themselves. They survive the dangers of a world music tour but, can they construct a life of love together that transforms them and heal the pains of their pasts?

The Fire God Tour is a hot, contemporary, romance with elements of fantasy that can be read as a stand alone or as book three of the Fire God Series.